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Tips For Choosing A Great Kennel For Your Pet


Oct 6, 2020

Every pet wants to be using its master and vice versa but it is not always possible. Friends and family may be considered a good option but they too can have unforeseen emergencies and prove to be unreliable.

Why put yourself as well as your pet through unwanted stress. A small amount of research and planning beforehand and you’re all set. Read on to determine about kenneling your pet and what things to consider in a good pet boarding facility.

The very best references should come from your vet and other pet parents. Listen carefully to their activities in the facilities; inquire further for the professionals and cons, the rates per day and hidden costs for luxuries or necessities provided.


Hygiene should be number 1 on your list. Is the kennel well lit and properly ventilated? In the event the kennel looks like a concentration camp from the exterior, it will be worse inside. Will be the surroundings full of poop and stinking of urine? Is there a lot of flies and garbage lying around?

The kennel interiors:

Is there a little of grass so that the dog can be walked, play and exercise? Could it be safe with high fencing therefore the pets do not escape? How about an inside play area in the event the elements is bad?

Check the enclosures:

Will be the dogs who are residing there comfortable? It is spacious enough for your dog to go around? Will there be a proper drainage system from the cubicle to the key sewage system?

Do they offer adequate bedding for every pet during the day? Are you permitted to bring your pet’s bedding and toys?

Segregation of pets:

Are felines kept separately from the canines? Are aggressive and hyper pets from small and timid ones? Some things just can’t be mixed and can be disastrous.


What is the feeding routine like? Do they feed home cooked food or readymade stuff? Can you supply the food?

If your pet requires a particular diet due to age or a condition will they provide it? Inspect your kitchen area once so you are confident about the hygiene there too.

Internal vet:

Does the facility own an in house vet? If not is there one near by who’s available even at night? If your pet has a medical condition that is of utmost importance.

Execute a reference check of the vet, meet him when you can and update him on your dogs condition. Nothing much better than your own vet knowing him.


Are they kind and do you see the pets who are there, giving an answer to them positively? Are they trained to handle behavioural issues. Do they have basic medical knowledge. Are they equipped for a medical emergency?

Pet hygiene:

Will your dog be bathed if required? Imagine if it is infested with ticks and fleas? Will they are doing the necessary without being told? Is there another charge and do you have to leave behind extra funds for these things?


Does the kennel have a car? Do they have a pick up and drop facility? If your pet needs to be studied to the vet will they need to spend your time looking for pet friendly transport?


Hopefully, they’ll be hospitable to you as well and entertain your calls when you are feeling like enquiring about your pets. Exactly where you board them, ensure that your family or friends can reach the kennel if you need to. Contact here

Once you’ve understood what things to consider and narrowed down a few kennels on your list, pay them a surprise visit and execute a thorough check of the area. Trust your instincts because your pet’s comfort would depend on the choice you make.

Take your pet along and make an effort to walk him in the premises of the kennel. If possible leave him there for per day or over the weekend. Let him become accustomed to the region, leave his scent behind and bond with the staff.

When your day comes and you have to leave your dog, avoid any type of negative or sad emotions. It’ll stress him big style. You won’t forget him, nor will he forget you. Leave him be and will end up in peace. You don’t want to come back with an ulcer. Keep coming back rejuvenated to a happy, healthy and confident pet.